23rd - 25th May 2012

The Summit

23rd - 25th May 2012

CFO Healthcare Summit 2012

Summit Venue
The Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, CA

The CFO Healthcare Summit 2012 will once again serve as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.

White Papers

Genpact: Regulatory Impact on Revenue Cycle Management— Think You’re Prepared? Think Again

The new healthcare regulatory reforms will have far-reaching effects across the industry, but the most noticeable consequence for providers will come in the area of revenue cycle management. Changes to multiple systems, processes and procedures will be necessary to achieve compliance, including optimization of data management, coding and billing procedures, and critical IT systems. Those providers who lack a solid plan of attack face not only the risk of noncompliance, but disruption to the revenue cycle and potential revenue erosion.

Trizetto: Four Key Challenges to Payer Success in an Evolving and Competitive Environment

The evolving healthcare landscape has created a wealth of fresh opportunities for payers. There is a sense of urgency for payers in leadership roles to leverage technology and successfully transition to a value-driven healthcare system that rewards top performers and high quality standards. Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) quickly changed many aspects of payers' business with higher costs, new oversight, more competition and a longer-term promise of millions of new members. Since healthcare insurance reform became law, opponents have vowed changes, if not its outright repeal. While it may be tempting to take as little action as possible and hope that the 2010 mid-term election or 2012 general election will make this all go away, the reality is that repeal is not a likely possibility.

Verifone: The way to pay

Pricing Transparency: Accessing real-time data to improve point-of-service collections

Riverside Health Systems (RHS) is a five-hospital system located in Virginia. It employs 350 physicians with 23,800 annual impatient admissions and 300,000 outpatient visits. The unprecedented increase in patient responsibility occurring throughout the healthcare industry was beginning to make a significant impact on RHS' revenue cycle.

A New Beginning

For more than a decade, Ingenix has been providing practical solutions for the complex issues our clients across the health ecosystem. I am pleased and proud of the reputation we have established under that name.

Genuine Human Interaction. For Better Patient Care.

High Definition for Higher Quality Care – Telehealth is an integral feature of mainstream care delivery, changing lives for both the provider and the patient. As patient demand grows and the number of available providers decreases, health care organizations must look for ways to be more efficient in care delivery while at the same time increasing the level of care with fewer resources. LifeSize HD video conferencing is at the forefront of redefining customer care, collaboration and efficiency in health care organizations. A LifeSize Communications, a Division of Logitech, Whitepaper

MedeAnalytics: Best Practice Solutions for the Emerging Front-End Revenue Cycle

Recent economic challenges and recognition of the inefficiency of prevailing processes have led forward-thinking healthcare providers to shift their focus to front–end management of the revenue cycle, specifically in the area of patient access.

Genpact - Deconstructing hospital processes: Reinventing care

The alarming rise in the number of Swine Flu cases and resulting criticism of hospitals for not handling them fast enough has brought to light two key issues plaguing the healthcare industry today - lost capacity and inefficient processes that result in unpredictable outcomes, long wait times, unsatisfied patients and ultimately an unsustainable business model for hospitals. Further, issues such as a rising demand for physicians and medical staff and an increase in lifestyle induced diseases are straining the healthcare industry. These issues have injected the need for new thinking in healthcare. By Tajinder Vohra – Senior Vice President, Genpact

CBay Systems: Integrated Transcription and Document Management Solutions

CBay Systems is a leading provider of medical transcription services, document management and dictation technologies. Offering a myriad of fast, responsive and secure medical reporting tools and services that meet the needs of our clients, CBay leverages leading HIPAA compliant web-based technologies and the world’s most highly credentialed transcriptionists to provide easier, more secure, accurate and cost effective medical transcription.